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Have you ever been embarrassed with a cheque like this?


Well! At the end of a hard days work you are finally awarded that contract you were having so much hope on. You have done bull work to raise enough money to secure a steady flow of materials and resources to carry out the work in the contract as soon as it is awarded to you.

You have been looking forward to this for over a year and your life depends on it. Your employees� future depends on it and so many others are full of expectations on your latest success.

With everything so smooth you tell your secretary to write a cheque for Rs.750,000/-. The above is the cheque your secretary wrote in the midst of all the haste and excitement.

Alas! No one notices the error until it comes for the final clearance at which point the cheque is returned. The payee understands and you issue a fresh cheque with a brief apology.

But can you take a chance like this all the time.

Then what are you going to do about it in the future?

Are you going to buy a cheque writing machine. An antique like the one on the left or a modern one like the one on the right.


Well its your wish. But these machines will also cost you money. A small fortune to invest and an unpredictable amount for accessories and repairs. Sometimes you might need specially prepared cheques too.

Rounded Rectangular Callout: You have a better option. Use the �Cheque Mate� program. Cheque writing is now childs play for me. No more errors. No time wasted. I am happy and relaxed and my boss is always at ease and not nervous any more. I love it. Life was never the same without it.
Download it

and use it.

It is absolutely free.

 The program is an Excel worksheet and is easy to use.


 A little knowledge of MSExcel will enable you to use the program with a high degree of flexibility.


 Enables you to generate cheques upto 99,999,999.99 and stores the names of 600 payees.


 Click on the link below and download. �Cheque Mate� will work for one calendar month. At the end of the month a new code has to be inserted from our site which can be obtained by clicking the link below on the right.